Web cronjobs 1.2 script

Web Cronjobs is a web based tools that helps you manage all cronjobs in one place. The app has powerful set of features.

Note! This is not a native cron job SYSTEM, you must setup one cron job script on your server to handle all other tasks.

Unlimited number of cron jobs
HTTP cron command
Shell cron command
Manaul cron job test
Logs and prediction
Email notifications
Cookie Support
Cron job statistic
HTTP POST support
HTTP Headers support
HTTP Basic Authorization support
Timezone Adaptable
Localization ready
Applications demo
Root credentials

Login: codecanyon

Password: codecanyon

DEMO: Web Cronjobs

Installation & Documentation
All information you can find here

Important! You can upload requirements.php file to your server and run it via browser to see whether you can run Web Cronjobs on your server.

PHP 5.4.0 or higher
Reflection Extension
PCRE extension
SPL extension
Ctype extension
MBString extension
DOM extension
PDO extension
PDO MySQL driver
MCrypt extension
GD extension with FreeType support or ImageMagick extension with PNG support
cURL extension
Safe mode (php.ini directive) must be disabled
Short open tag (php.ini directive) must be enabled
PHP mail SMTP (or sendmail)
Q: Why I should use this script instead of native cron job?

A: This tool can handle syntax of “last weekday of month”. For example, you need to send promotion campaign only on last Friday of each month (specified month). In addition you can specify maximum number of iterations and stop date (the date when cron job execution must be stopped). Also sometimes you need to run script only once. i.e. at 2018-01-31 15:00. There is no way to achieve these tasks using native linux cron job implementation without additional bash programming, while this script can easily handle these tasks.

Q: Why I should use this script instead of other online services?

A: Less cost. You pay once and run forever unlimited number of cron jobs, while other online services requires monthly subscription. In addition this script support bash command execution – online service can’t do it.

v 1.3 – 2018.06.26

Added cron job description field
Cron jobs filter is saved in cookies
Added possibility to add custom headers in cURL request
Shell command support
Added regular expression to detect whether cron job was successfully executed
Added possibility to clear old logs in batch
Added “Save and Run” button
Some bug fixes